Thursday, October 6, 2011

RICH DAD ASIA Coming to Manila!

Rich Dad Asia is bringing to Manila this October, Mr. Bellum Tam, multimillionaire and Robert Kiyosaki's business partner here in Asia.  As the popular book Rich Dad, Poor Dad always ask: "Are you ready to get out of the rat race and on the Fast Track to Financial Freedom?" Then this workshop might be the right one for you.  Workshop details and instructions on how to register for the workshop after the jump. 

Friday, July 10, 2009

Internet Marketing Success Seminar 2009

Joel Christopher, a US based Filipino Internet Marketing Guru who was able to build a multimillion dollar internet marketing business in just 10 years, is conducting an Internet Marketing Success Seminar this July 17, 2009 at Dusit Thani Manila. 

In this seminar, learn and discover how to use the powerful internet marketing tool used by CNN, Oprah, President Obama and more!

The seminar promises to teach ways to grow your marketing business amidst the Global Economic Recession and on how to triple your sales in 24 hours or less using a simple 1 page strategy.
Here are the seminar details:
Joel Christopher's Internet Marketing Success Seminar
July 17, 2009
8:30 am - 6:00 pm
Dusit Thani Manila
Regular rate: P8.477 +VAT (Jul 1-15)
Walk in rate: P8,977+VAT 
(Inclusive of lunch and refreshments)
Call +632-8132732 / +632-8132703 or email to register.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Learn the Secrets of Internet Marketing

I saw this post from Anton Diaz.  He is offering a scholarship to one lucky reader to avail of a 90 day professional blogging and internet marketing education program.  In that period of time, I'm sure you'll be an internet marketing expert in no time.   The program is done in collaboration with the Asian Institute of Management (AIM).  Hurry!  You have until June 28, 2009 to participate in the contests.
Here's the full post from Our Awesome Planet.


Maven Secrets, in collaboration with AIM W. SyCip Graduate School of Business, will be launched on June 29, Monday, for enrollment (limited slots). Classes start on July 1 and end on September 30, 2009.
It is a 90-day Professional Blogging and Internet Marketing Education Program with:
-- Professional Blogging and Internet Marketing training delivered Online / via Webinars;
-- Face-to-Face Training / Online Entrepreneur's Masterminding Session every Tuesday night in AIM;
-- Meet-a-Maven Talk series every Thursday night in AIM;
-- Full Day Workshop sessions on Professional Blogging;
-- Personal Coaching and Consultation with Anton Diaz (This is the only way you can get direct access to me.)
I am opening a scholarship slot (worth P25,000) for aspiring bloggers and internet marketers. To join the Maven Secrets scholarship contest, all you need to do is create a blog post answering the two questions below:
1. What is your desired outcome for your professional blog or internet marketing project?

2. How would you feel when you achieve it?

Post a link to the blog post in the comments section to officially enter the contest. Deadline for entries is on June 28, Sunday. I will announce the winner, based on the quality of the answer, on June 29, Monday.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Internet Marketing: Generating Traffic Through Social Networking Sites

How many social networking sites are you a member of? There are already tons of social networking sites out there and as of this writing a couple more people are probably developing more. 

One way to generate traffic is to join one or maybe a couple of these social networking sites, add a lot of contacts / friends, and then promote your web site to them.  If you have a good relationship with your friends/contacts, more likely than not, they will pay your site a visit.  Each visit is a valid traffic to your website.   The more traffic you have the higher chances you'll have of earning from your Google Adsense.

Remember though that writing good content is of the utmost importance.  Your friends and contacts will only come back to your site if they find value in your web site.  In order to get consistent results, you need regular traffic and not just one time visits.

Avoid abusing this medium as well.  More likely than not, you have common friends / contacts in different social networking sites.  Posting the same articles on all your networking sites can piss your friends and readers off.    Shameless self promotion is a horrible long term internet marketing strategy.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

SEO Blogging: Link Exchanges

Asking Other Bloggers for Link 

Another popular way to generate links for your web site is to write other bloggers / web aministrators for link exchanges.  In doing so be courteous and polite.  Remember to be patient as well.  Most time-tested bloggers rarely give out links the first time you court them.  Try to build a good relationship with the writer first.  You can do this by visiting his/her site from time to time and leaving sincere comments on his/her posts.  Just be patient and sooner or later you will get your link.  After all, it's not called "Link Love" for nothing.   

If you do your stuff correctly, internet marketing can give you a lot of love as well. (^o^)v
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