Monday, August 18, 2008

13 Marketing Lessons from the Super Bowl

Each year, the Super Bowl provides valuable lessons in marketing, both from the advertisers and the games.  Whether you have a large or small budget, apply the marketing lessons that you can learn from the most anticipated sporting event of the year.

Lesson 1: Know  your target audience.
Lesson 2: Research
Lesson 3: Consider Launching your campaign around an event.
Lesson 4: Teasers can build interest.
Lesson 5: Research trademarks carefully.
Lesson 6: Sponsorships can help build brands.
Lesson 7:  Events are new product opportunities.
Lesson 8: Be Sensitive to changes in sentiment.
Lesson 9: Strategically place brand logos.
Lesson 10: Involve your customers.
Lesson 11: Promote across media.
Lesson 12: Take advantage of competitor's weaknesses
Lesson 13: Implementation is key.

Read the complete article by Bobette Kyle here.


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