Friday, May 15, 2009

Internet Marketing: Getting Readers for Your Site

In this video, Ramit Sethi of and Tim Ferriss talk about how to get readers for your site

In the interview, both seasoned bloggers recommended writing good content as the "Best SEO technnique" there is.  They encouraged site administrators to build good content for their sites first before thinking about generating a lot of traffic and getting a lot of readers.

Tim Ferriss suggested that you should aim to have your site become the default online reference for readers about something.  This could be any topic which you are interested in or topics which you think a lot of people are interested in. 
Once you have acquired a community of loyal readers, it is also important to monitor and manage this community.  Try to prevent spammers from harassing your readers.  Monitor the comments page and take the time to reply to your readers' inquiries. 
Lastly, I realized through the interview that offline promotions is as important as online promotions.  You can either meet other bloggers with the same interests, hold a seminar on your site's topic, or even write a book about it.

I hope this video was helpful.  It surely gave me a few interesting ideas about online marketing.

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