Thursday, July 31, 2008

5 Quick Online Marketing Tips

Here are 5 quick marketing tips:

1. Add a benefit to your headline
    Your headline should be eye-catching and should grab the attention of your target market right away. 
    A well-written headline has the power to literally double your sales!
    Offer a clear benefit with your headline.  Instead of writing something like "What is Digital Imaging?"
    put something like "Learn how produce professional looking photographs through digital imaging."
    The revised headline clearly identifies a benefit which your target market will be able to relate to.

2. Add a feature or something special in the first page of your homepage.
    You may do this by offering something for FREE!  This is the best attention grabber ever.  Make sure your
     readers will be able to see this right away. 

3. Email Promotions
    Emails are still the best online marketing tool.  Send out email promotions to your subscribers informing them
    of new products or services.  People who have bought from you before are more likely to buy from again.
    Remember to personalize the emails you send.  People respond better when addressed personally (like seeing
    there name on the email, etc.)

4. Offer fast and flexible shipping
    Tie up with leading delivery services in your country and indicate that you offer fast and reliable shipping in
    your website.  Offer to send the product directly to the recipient.

5. Offer safe and flexible payment options
    Most online shoppers are intimidated because they don't know how to pay for their online purchases.
    Aside from accepting credit cards, you may want to explore other avenues like direct bank transfers and
    money transfers through your mobile phone.

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