Monday, July 14, 2008

ABCs of Sales and Online Marketing

When it comes to sales and marketing, most people follow the ABC rule, i.e., "Always Be Closing."

What do they mean by "Always Be Closing"?
It's simple really. It just means that you have to keep reminding yourself of your goal, and that is, to close the deal with your clients! A sale is always made when you go for a client call or a client visits your site. It can only be either of the two: (1) You successfully sold your product to your client, or (2) You got sold! Right, you got sold when you agree to what your client is telling you and that is that he/she doesn't need the product you are selling. So remember, "Always be Closing!" Always remember your goals and persevere to achieve them. Never give up. Eat, Drink, and Live your product. Introduce it every chance you get.

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