Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Corporate Brand Equity for Service Firms.

Ardy Roberto and Ned Roberto from the Philippine Daily Inquirer explains how service firms should formulate their brand equity.

1. Consumer's should be able to identify with the tag line and the claim. The tag line should be such that when said it's the consumers' who's talking and not the company. And example is McDonald's "I'm Lovin' It" as opposed to the Philippine's Globe Telecom's tag line of "Abot mo mundo" (You can reach the world).

2. Secondly, the company should avoid claiming a "dissatisfier" brand equity value. In the service industry, a dissatisfier could be a service that is expected of the company already. Examples are utility companies that provide water and electricity. These companies are considered to be providing good service when consumers don't notice the services they are offering. This happens when you have continuous flow of water at home and when your TV turns on when you click the remote control. Therefore avoid tag lines like "Providing you with interrupted water supply / electric supply". These are what's required of the company at minimum. Instead come up with a "satisfier" brand equity value. Just like Cathay Pacific's tag line of "It's the little things that move you," referring to the additional services they provide to their in flight guests.


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