Monday, August 11, 2008

Extending your Brand: When's the right time to do it.

According to Ned Roberto, the critical consideration for brand extension is to learn how consumers associate your brand.  Figure out how they see your brand first and then extend your brand based on that association.  A warning to keep in mind though is that  brand associations by consumers change every so often.  Therefore it would be good to do consumer research on these every now and then.

Marlboro, although known worldwide as makers of cigarettes, were able to extend to the western style clothing line because consumers actually associated the brand with the cowboy lifestyle.

J&J makers of baby products did not extend it's brand to baby milks and formulas because research showed that although mothers associated J&J with baby products, they associated the brand only to products for application outside the baby's body and not inside the baby.
Therefore you put your brand equity at risk when you extend your brand without keeping yourself abreast of changing consumer brand associations.  This is where the danger lies in brand extending.


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