Friday, May 1, 2009

SEO Blogging: Get indexed in Google Fast!

Now that you have optimized your site with the right keywords, it's time to get your site listed in google's search engine!  You can do this by telling google to index your site.

The easiest way to have your site indexed is to go to  However, this process can take several weeks.  It definitely is not the fastest way to have your site indexed.  So what else can you do that's faster?
The answer is page linking!  What you have to do is search google using your keywords and then looking at the sites that come first in the results.  Your aim is to look for sites with high page ranks.  Once you've found one, contact the administrator of the site and politely ask if they're willing to exchange links with you.  That is, you place a link of their site on your page in exchange for them linking back at you.  If you are able to do this in a couple of sites, your website will soon be indexed by google in no time.

If you have trouble exchanging links.  You can also try buying links.  When you buy a link, you pay a certain amount to have your link posted in someone else's site for a certain period of time, usually for a month.  If your goal is just to get indexed by google fast, you really only have to do this once.

by: Online Marketing Strategies - Philippines

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